Building Efficiency Podcast

Ep. 59 - Todd Jarvis, COO - Chateau Energy Solutions

November 12, 2021 Jim Schafer Season 1 Episode 59
Building Efficiency Podcast
Ep. 59 - Todd Jarvis, COO - Chateau Energy Solutions
Show Notes

Todd Jarvis, CEM, CSR-P

Chateau Energy Solutions, Chief Operating Officer

Todd has more than 25 years of experience in the Energy Efficiency, EV charging, Microgrid, and Sustainability market. He currently serves as Chief Operating Officer at Chateau Energy Solutions. Todd is recognized as a subject matter expert with expertise in sales strategy and operations management with a proven track record in leading successful companies. Through his 25 years in the industry, he has built and led teams that provide decarbonization consulting services, turnkey implementation of energy projects, and ongoing analytical managed services.  He is a Certified Energy Manager and Certified Sustainability Practitioner.

Chateau Energy Solutions works with clients to architect an energy strategy for their business and help them implement it. There are three primary areas of focus: Energy Efficiency, EV Charging, and Microgrids. All of these offerings can be provided through an Energy as a Service offering to achieve financial and decarbonization results.  

 Chateau Energy Solutions is positioned to support its clients pursuing the following trends:

  • The electrification of the transportation sector
  • The growing appetite for renewable and reliable/resilient power
  • The need for operational optimization

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